The Elroy Webster Cooperative Studies Fund provides a scholarship and honorary award to graduate students interested in the study of agricultural cooperatives.


  • Graduate student or law school student enrolled in an advanced degree program (Masters or Doctorate).

  • The program must be an accredited academic program in the US or Canada.

  • Any field of study with an interest in agricultural cooperatives. If the field of study is not directly related to agricultural cooperatives, please demonstrate how this field of study would relate to or benefit the agricultural cooperative industry.

  • Scholarship recipient is eligible to receive only one scholarship.

  • Two $2,500 scholarships will be granted per calendar year.

  • Funds will be used to cover costs associated with tuition, fees, books, supplies or equipment while attending qualifying graduate degree class or program or law school class or program.

  • Morris Foundation trustees and staff, including their immediate families, are ineligible to apply for a scholarship.

  • The Scholarship will be awarded without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, or disability.



Each recipient is expected to attend a Ralph K. Morris Foundation sponsored event., i.e., Cooperative Leadership Symposium held annually in November/December or the Farmer Cooperatives program also held annually in November, upon receipt of the award. The recipient will be recognized at the event. In the event this requirement would cause hardship due to travel costs, time away from his or her job, etc., this requirement may be waived by the Review Board or the Foundation Board of Directors.


We will begin accepting applications in January of any given year. Applications will be taken through September 30 of that same year. The scholarship will be announced by October 30th.  


  • Complete an application form (link is below) in the timeline noted above.  

  • Your application must include:
    — A completed application form;
    — Your undergraduate and current graduate or law school transcripts;
    — Three letters of support (a reference letter form link below can be shared with your references to facilitate processing); and
    — A paper containing your professional development or extra-curricular activities involving cooperatives.

  • Universities or law schools that provide training may not request funds for staff attendance at their own training programs.

  • If applications are incomplete or unclear they will not be processed.

  • Apply online using the links below or you may email or mail the completed application and required additional information to: The Ralph K. Morris Foundation, 5775 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 700, Minneapolis, MN 55416.  Email to: rkmorrisfoundation@gmail.com.  



The Fund is administered and managed by the Ralph K. Morris Foundation.  A Review Board consisting of the Scholarship Committee and two professors will recommend the scholarship recipient, with final approval provided by the Foundation Board of Directors.

All eligible recipients will be approved within the limits of the Fund as stated above and as long as funds are available (on an annual basis) for distribution.

Notification of the status of each request will be sent via email or regular postal service when a decision is made.


Recipients must complete and return to the Foundation an evaluation within 30 days of completion of the class or program.  Evaluation form can be saved to your computer and typed to facilitate processing.


The Ralph K. Morris Foundation, through the generosity of specific contributions received from friends and family of Elroy Webster, established the Elroy Webster Cooperative Studies Fund.  Contributions to the Elroy Webster Cooperative Studies Fund are welcome.  Checks should be written to the Ralph K. Morris Foundation with a notation in the memo line for the Elroy Webster Cooperative Studies Fund.


Elroy Webster Cooperative Studies Scholarships

This Fund provides financial support to graduate students or law school students enrolled in an agricultural cooperative program or that can demonstrate how their field of study would relate to or benefit the agricultural cooperative industry.