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The Rod Nilsestuen Legacy Fund: What We Do

“To me, the co-op idea is one of the most potent in the world because it combines two powerful, basic concepts: the strength and flexibility of the free enterprise system with democracy – one person, one vote – returns based on use, not wealth.”

- Rod Nilsestuen 

The Rod Nilsestuen Legacy Program

Commemorating a Cooperative & Conservation Champion

Rod Nilsestuen was an innovative champion of cooperatives, a tireless advocate for farmers, a passionate believer in farmland preservation, a dedicated volunteer, a results-oriented public servant and a visionary leader who inspired others to act for the common good.

The Rod Nilsestuen Program at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls commemorates Rod’s achievements and sustains his legacy. The Program’s mission is to encourage creative thinking, research, education and outreach in the areas of cooperative business and development, wise rural land use and leadership.

Join his family, friends and colleagues in the cooperative, agriculture and land-conservation communities and make a generous donation today.

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